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Our focus

Simplicity and Modernization are the main focus in all our projects. This is the reason why we are very grateful for the fact that our customers have benefitted significantly from this in the past years. In other words, we have managed to facilitate the upstarting entrepreneur in need of a promotional platform as well as the long-standing company seeking to become more visible online and grow with technology.

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We create template based websites

Nowadays you can create a website with just a simple click. But the reality is that there is so much more to website design. Based on your wishes, we can create a simple website to meet your goal(s).

Additionally, we will keep your website up to date with all the new trends that suit you best, and provide free consultation sessions regarding your online exposure.

Passion for illustrations

At Hammock, we create beautiful designs and patterns for different purposes. We are here to serve you whether it is for a flyer, website, birthday invitation or book illustration. 


Pitch your idea to us, and we will convert it into art. We can also guarantee that we will create everything from scratch to provide an authentic final product.

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Commercial advertising & online marketing

Our team helps you create beautiful layouts for your magazine or advertising materials. 

In the event that you are in need of a promotional campaign for social media marketing or any other publishing tool, we are always at your service!

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